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Since 1986, SL Follen Company has partnered with our customers for long term success. We value relationships.
SL Follen Company exports hay and feed products from the United States to Asia and the Middle East. We annually ship approximately 65,000 metric tons of hay products.

We own/operate a processing facility (Oregon Hay Products, Inc.) in Boardman, Oregon. At this facility we grow, harvest, pack and ship high quality Alfalfa and Timothy Hay. In addition, we also ship large volumes of hay and straw from several processing facilities throughout the US West Coast and Canada.

We are specialists in shipping premium quality Alfalfa and Timothy Hay as well as Rye Grass Straw, Fescue Straw, Bermuda Straw & Hay Cubes, and Alfalfa Pellets. We are also major exporters of Onions and Potatoes from Oregon and Washington.

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